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Rayzone Group’s cybersecurity division, RayzSecurity, provides nation states, regional governments and commercial organizations with capabilities to protect their critical infrastructure and information technology assets. Utilizing our in-house military-grade solutions and an intelligence-driven strategy, within traditional cybersecurity methodologies, we facilitate proactive insights that provide our customers with an added edge. Focused on cyber rather than integrations, our team includes both offensive and defensive specialists, from high-level security architects to hands-on white hat hackers. Our background allows intelligence gathering to be the driving force when assessing threats or critical assets. Our team members stay up to date on the latest protocols, manipulation techniques, and any other vulnerabilities that can be utilized by potential attackers.

Meanwhile, our defensive experts contributed to creating the foundation of what is, today, Israel’s leading cybersecurity landscape. This personal familiarity with methodologies and technologies on the market allows for tailoring best of breed cybersecurity solutions. With both in-house and outsourced technologies in our arsenal, we can best assess, strategize, and protect, despite the dynamic nature of threats in large complex networks. Expertise from both sides of the coin combine tailored cybersecurity with military-grade intelligence to provide truly unique solutions.


RayzSecurity delivers tailored methodologies, designed with optimal use of supporting solutions. In addition to end-to-end projects, our offering also includes a number of stand-alone services and products to answer more pinpointed needs.





Design full National Cyber Security Solution

Special Projects

  • SOC, CERT, Intelligence
  • Mil-Grade Intelligence Integration
  • Consultation for governmental decision makers
  • Child Protection Center


VIP Services

Vulnerability Assessment (CRR)

Penetration Testing



Design of solutions tailor-made to end user needs


Secured Communication Solution

TA9 Security, Echo, GeoMatrix, Optimus

The RayzSecurity Shield

Dual Use of Rayzone Group’s mil-grade intelligence gathering systems to enhance the traditional cybersecurity methodology.

National Projects

Establishment of National Cyber Security Centers (NCSC)

This refers to the establishment of national infrastructure, which includes critical components for an effective structured national security process. The overarching domains supplied in this type of project include technology and products, methodology and
working methods, as well as personnel training.

The main components delivered are:

  • The creation of a National CERT
  • Development of cybersecurity processes methodology
  • Training for all types of personnel – desk, researchers, analysts, and decision makers – on tools, abilities and special skills (working methods and procedures)


In addition to having the right infrastructure it’s important to ensure a tailored continuous and comprehensive response in order to maintain cybersecurity posture. Rayzone Group’s Big-Data Intelligence and Investigation Platform allows for continuous and constant Detection, Defense and Mitigation of cyber-attacks on critical assets by providing active, thorough, and professional monitoring. The Division will also establish a special cyber force to handle end-to-end processes for protecting the most important and critical international assets. This holistic solution that includes best-of-breed technology and products, together with the formulation of a methodology and competent and trained cybersecurity analysts, will enable a proactive defensive response to the country’s national assets.


  • A full solution tailored for VIP needs
  • Full VIP vulnerability assessment and risk assessment 
  • Phone encryptions, security and monitoring
  • Securing VIP’s digital assets 
  • Securing VIP’s online identities
  • Security solutions for VIP’s close connections
  • A cyber readiness review is the process of identifying risks and vulnerabilities in digital assets, such as computer networks, systems, hardware, applications, and other parts of a digital ecosystem. Vulnerability assessments provide security teams with the information they need to analyze and prioritize risks, allowing for potential remediation.
  • Vulnerability assessments are critical components for security management and are needed to protect systems and data from unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • The establishment of a Monitoring Center that is tailored to the specific threats and needs of the organization, to provide monitoring, analysis and responsive services.
  • Our in-house SOC utilizes an end-to-end system that includes sensors and data sources to provide a base for management, including alerts and response.
  • Establishing an arsenal of products that are tailored to customer needs (including resource considerations), allows to best address the entire SOC operation – starting from characterization of needs and gaps, through implementation and training, and all the way to operation.
  • Our in-house Soc can be offered in a configuration that includes Rayzone’s in-house analyst services (monitoring, analysis, and response team).
  • Penetration testing, or white hat hacking, is an exercise that is needed to estimate the security of your entire digital environment, considering elements such as, users, network applications and computer systems.
  • Penetration testing simulates an attack from a foreign attacker and/or malicious insider (authorized) to provide a better understanding of how to recognize an attack, expose weak spots and control vulnerability.
  • Penetration testing involves a diverse range of offensive techniques that can be utilized on known and unknown vulnerabilities.
  • Our Cyber attack experts will identify vulnerabilities in an organization’s infrastructure, digital environment and other processes and exploit them, outlining the needed security remediations.
  • By conducting this process and discovering the vulnerabilities, we find the “holes” in your system’s security that need patching, before a real threat exploits them.
  • Computer or mobile forensics is a branch of digital investigations that explores evidence of specific actions within computers and digital storage media. 
  • The goal of digital forensics is to examine digital media with the aim of identifying, preserving, recovering, analysing, and presenting facts and opinions about the digital information.
  • Forensic investigation is related to computer crime, but it may also be used in civil proceedings. This discipline involves similar techniques and principles to data recovery, but with additional guidelines and practices designed to create a legal audit trail.
  • Providing our methodology and experience to organizations and nations around the world, from the leaders that need guidance on cyber to the working teams that need help with the services that we supply.

Secured Communication Solution

(Cyber SIM Hardware and Application Software)

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